Front PTO and Power Take Offs

We have been supplying top of the range farm machinery and accessories for the past 12 years. We import agricultural machinery to the UK from all over Europe, starting with the Degenhart Front systems we now import and supply, Aigner Front Linkages and PTOS, Sauter Front Linkages and PTOs, Stienbauer Tuning Modules, Degenhart Tuning Modules, Broomate Brushes, Haaga Sweepers, Fuel Meters, Lumatic Grease Equipment, Mueller Industrials Crane, Quick Winch and Front Hitches and PTO's to fit most big brand tractors.

PTO's are in a sense, drive shafts; they take the power from a power source, the tractors engine in this case, and convey this power to a attachment, such as a hydraulic weight lifter or sugar beet harvester. The PTO comes in two parts. The gear box which is attached to the tractors engine and rotates a output shaft, and a PTO shaft that is and easily connected and disconnected to the output shaft on the tractor itself. Once attached the PTO shaft allows attachments to take power from the engine. The power is transferred by the PTO shaft revolving counter clockwise between 540 and 1000 RPMS, revolutions per minute depending on its make and style.

Safety is paramount when using, operating and working around a PTO shaft or tractor using one. PTO's account for a large number of farm accidents nearly all resulting in loss of limbs or death.

We import and supply both the PTO gear boxes and shafts, with both internal and external gear boxes available. We have Degenhart, Sauter and Aigner makes available, we also supply Front linkage systems with PTO's integrated. The Degenhart PTO gearbox is available in two sizes for the 6000 and 7000 range tractors. Both are 1000 rpms on a six spline shaft and the series 2 gearbox is available with a clockwise rotation as well as the regular anti clockwise. The Aigner PTO adjustable choke ensuring a smooth jolt free start up at the push of a button, keeping the operator at a safe distant. The Sauter front PTO is designed with a integrated clutch with its own oil pressure supply keeping it independent from the tractors hydraulics.

We strive to supply long lasting and hard working farm machinery, parts and advice. With our own experience of working a farm we feel we can share this knowledge with our customers.