Tractor Chipping

Jacobsens Grange Farm Machinery have been importing and supplying agricultural machinery for 12 years. As a working farm ourselves we know the importance of good quality machinery. When paying substantial amounts you want reliable, hard working, substantial machines. That is why we only import and supply machinery we use or would use on our own farm. We have built a reputation for ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable and affordable suppliers of agricultural machinery in the UK.

Our working knowledge of farms and machinery is represented in our products and services. From advice to instructions on how to fit your new piece of machinery we can help. We import machinery and parts from weights and Front Linkage systems to Broomates and tractor chipping and tuning modules to get the most out of your equipment. As every farmer knows, maintaining your machines is a substantial part of your working day. Tractor chipping and tuning plays a vital part of keeping your tractor working at its best.

Chipping and tuning works by installing a power chip in to the tractor, car or truck, then remapping or tuning the chip to optimize the vehicles performance. It does this by remapping and altering the tractors power and torque characteristics. This can be done via a plug in unit attached to the chip using its own software, or another method of tuning can be achieved by using a plug in units that attaches to Common Rail fuel lines, this then increases the amount of pressure on the fuel lines putting more fuel into the engines cylinders. Chipping and tuning can also dramatically affect the amount of emissions tractors produce up to 20%.

Jacobsens Grange Farm Machinery supplies four different chipping and tuning manufactures, which works on every turbo diesel, car, truck and nearly all tractors. Steinbauer manufacturers are one of the top tuning specialists in the world. With a impressive back catalogue of high profile clients their chips and tuning can optimise your vehicle to its fullest. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality farm equipment that can improve their machines working life, making production and running easier.